Hi. I’m Robin and I’m glad to see you here on this website. I am the author of this blog and responsible for everything that happens on this website. In the first place I write about Love and Presence. I call it Pleasance.

When I first started to get the idea of writing a blog, I was very enthusiastic. I wanted to write about everything I am currently engaged of, without losing the control of overwhelming the reader. It’s not that easy if you are someone who is interested in many fields of our today living, including societies, sciences, politics, new technologies, medicine, philosophy and the secrets of the universe. But then I asked myself again: Shouldn’t I write several blogs that deal with every aspect isolated, so everyone can pick their topic and nobody has to read something that does not meet their interest?

Okay, so I tried to splitt it up, the ideas of small short stories came in my mind. Little guides for people that just want to read something in between their spare time without having to totally empathize with my overall thoughts. But is this really what it is all about? Wouldn’t it be better if everyone would see the big picture? 

So I totally turned around and started to write about what I think of what everything is all about. And with everything I mean every thing

One of the biggest lessons of really understanding the universe (I mean we can learn and understand our universe everyday in a new way) took place, when I fell in my first relationship. It totally changed everything. From that day on I had someone next to me, someone who was like my other half. If you never had a relationship before you don’t know that you did miss your other half neither that another half of you even existed.

From that point of my life, I wanted to make the world a better place. Not just because I wanted this so that it’s good for me to live in this world. From then on I had a mate I wanted to spend my life with and this life should be as perfect as could be. I began to read books about healthy nutrition, I read newspapers and articles about what is going on in the world, I studied physics and astronomy on my own, I learned some things about ancient healing techniques and so on. To sum up: I felt responsible. Not just for me and my other half. I felt responsible for the rest of the world because the outside world also affected our world. But the more I learned what the world is all about, the more I realised the world outside is not in that good shape. For me it felt like the world has gone out of Balance. 

That really got me. You have to know, before I felt in this relationship, the outside world never really interested me. I lived in my own little micro cosmos where everything was all right, no worries, nothing could bring me down. But spending life together with my girlfriend and first time feeling responsible for not just me, I couldn’t do anything other than looking at the outside world seeing how it is slowly breaking. The fact that the world was losing its Balance led me lose my Balance. 

But Balance is the key. In school you learn that an atom just exists because the Balance between the particles in it is stable. Our solar system exists because the gravity between the sun and the planets keeps its balance. The whole universe can only exist and expand if everything is balanced. No other thing if You look at your life. If You keep Balance within your loved ones, your work, your environment, yourself, You proceed. If You come out of Balance, You stuck.

This kind of Balance, that we might feel or not in our everyday life, can be transferred into multiple fields of nowadays big picture. If You look at the Sciences, especially the Physics, Biology, but also the Human Sciences and the Kosmology, there are certain fields, where Balance is the reason why our world exists at all. If You look at the Religions in our Human History, there are good gods and evil gods. There is good and bad. There is heaven and hell. If you look on other things you can see it everywhere. There is masculine and feminine. There is positive and negative. There is day and night. There is North and South. There is red and green. On and off. Black and white. Alive and dead. If you think further you easily find other examples where there are some contrairies that create a bond between each other. We exist because of these bonds that hold us alive and let us grow. But we have to work on our bonds. We have to keep Balance.

I hope You enjoy this blog. And I want your voice to all these things. Let me know what You are thinking about it. I really appreciate your opinion. And I am always looking for Co-Creators. This website is supposed to become a group project. Maybe You also have something to say about Love. Maybe You also feel Presence some time and want to share your experiences. Maybe you even feel both, maybe you feel Pleasance. I am looking forward to hearing from You. Love and Be There. ☯️