Pleasance: Love & Presence

Welcome to this lovely website. I’m glad You found the way to me and my thoughts. This is the official start to my project and I believe this project will be my heart affair. If You are interested in the secrets of life, the curiosities of the universe and the gift of being then You are welcome to get to the bottom of it with me. I wouldn’t say I know all the answers, but I think together we are able to find out the truth.

I for myself think we as Being should find our place in this universe, should find inner peace, love and fulfillment. We can be everything and we can be nothing. We can find Pleasance.

What is Pleasance?

The word Pleasance came first in my mind when I started to compose a music playlist. It should be songs for love, songs that keep me through tough times, songs that remind me of what is important in life. I don’t know why but Pleasance means an inner state of happiness, fulfillment and humility to me. I am confident that if we all maintain balance in our lives and if we love and live in the Now, we will reach overall Pleasance.

How can You reach it?

It’s quite simple – trough Enlightment. As I started to seek the truth of being, I found many different “definitions” (if you could say) of Enlightment. Some say it’s being totally present, some others say it’s the absence of pain. Then I started reading books about it (This here for example), started meditating, tried to “shut my mind off”.

The Mind

You can imagine the mind as a computer programm that runs 24/7 looking for problems, trying to solve them, reviewing the past and predicting the future. The mind is a powerful tool. But it is not You. If You try to focus on your surroundings without involving the mind (so to say shut the mind off / fade the mind out) You realize who You truly are. And who You are is far more than what your mind seems to be.

Be There – But even more important: Be Good

Don’t You sometimes think: What is going wrong with this world? Why is there so much hatred, so much envy, so much negativity going on? It is quite easy. Most human beings identify themSELVES with their mind. And that’s the point where trouble begins. Mind identification means identifying with problems, needs, fear. But You are not Your Mind.

The best feeling in the world is doing something and seeing others enjoying it. The best feeling in the world is giving and seeing others enjoy receiving. The best feeling in the world is doing good and seeing how good is spreading. Wouldn’t You agree?

What comes Next?

I hope we all can feel joy, love and inner peace some time. I hope we all are going to find our place in the universe and maintain a fulfilled life. Furthermore I hope You get an overall thinking (I call it helicopter thinking). That can be a mix of scientific facts, spiritualism, beliefs, theories and interesting facts about ourselves. ShortIy: Everything that is interesting and that helps us grow. I want to think new about energy, meditation, music and frequencies but also about nutrition, heaven & hell, color theory, and time travel. The list of topics is endless. And so are You. I’m glad You are joining me on my ride to all this fascinating stuff and I wish we are going to find the big picture of life and especially the truth of being. So enjoy your journey, spread your love and most important: Be There. Thank You. ☯️


PS: Music makes me feel Pleasance regularly. Every time You’ve had goose skin from listening to music, You felt it too!